Working method lottery

Help animals in need by playing in the lottery. How does this work? 
With your contribution you will participate in this lottery for animals that is carried out by the Support Action. You can participate with one or more lottery tickets. If you have more lottery tickets, you will of course help more animals and... you are more likely to win one of our prizes. Every quarter you can win nice prizes with each ticket, you have. Your lottery ticketnumber can be found on your bank statement with your depreciation. When you win a prize, it is automatically sent or handed over to you.

The draws are: end of March, end of June, end of September and end of December.

Draw result

You will find the draw result here on the website of the Support Action. We hope that you participate and that you - just like the animals - are in the prizes. You can buy a lottery ticket for only € 1.85 per month.

Buy lots

After you have ordered your lottery tickets via this website, you will receive a confirmation letter from us. If, for whatever reason, you want to cancel, send a letter to:

World Wide Animal Rescue
PO Box 359
3500 AJ Utrecht

Or e-mail to stating 'Cancellation'

When you win a cash prize, it is automatically transferred. Every quarterly draw you can win nice prizes with each ticket. The amount for which you have issued an authorization to participate in the animal lottery for the World Wide Animal Rescue Foundation will be collected by the Support Action. The Support Action also pays out the prizes. After deduction of costs, Stichting World Wide Animal Rescue of the Support Action receives the total amount (80%) from this lottery. After deduction of organizational costs, the proceeds will be donated to small or medium-sized, poor animal organizations.


The Gaming Authority has granted permission for the Support Action

Which prizes can you win?

With this lottery for animals, carried out by the Support Action, you can certainly win prizes with every quarterly lottery ticket, but not one million. With us, in particular, the animals fall into the prices.

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The prizes will be raffled among all players in the Support Action.

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