Send a text message

Don't you have the time now? It is also possible to support WWAR by simply send a text message against senseless animal suffering like the whale killings by, among others, the Japanese whalers and the inhabitants of the Faeroe Islands of Denmark. How do you do this?

Text 'WWAR' to the number 4411     

By sending this text message it is known to us that you also want to support us in our work; exposing abuses in the world that are often caused by human intervention in the natural environment of animals. WWAR is looking for publicity and hopes to eventually achieve behavioral change. In people, companies, but also in countries. By sending a text message you do not yet commit a donation obligation. Therefore, nothing for WWAR is debited from your call credit. Not once and not monthly. It will not cost you more than your usual costs of a normal text message.

Please. Support WWAR in this important work. Do it now. Send the text 'WWAR' to number 4411. And help the needing animals worldwide.

Take action against senseless suffering and murders among animals. After sending a text message, we would contact you by phone to discuss the possibilities for supporting WWAR.

On behalf of us and the animal victims, thank you very much.