Give periodically

You no longer have to register a regular donation to the World Wide Animal Rescue Foundation via a notary, but it is now easy to use a form from the Tax Authorities. By completing this form, you support us for at least 5 years for a fixed amount per year. With this you ensure us for a longer period of income so that we can look ahead in achieving our goal: an animal-like existence for all animals in the Netherlands. In addition, you can fully deduct the total amount of the donation (s) from the tax per year through the agreement. This allows you to donate very advantageously to us or donate a much higher amount while you donate the same net as you would with annual donations without an agreement.

Conditions for tax decutibility

If you want to deduct the entire donation from the tax annually, the donation must be recorded in an agreement for a minimum of 5 consecutive years and in fixed installments with approximately the same total amount each year. You can indicate in the agreement which total amount you want to donate per year or you want to donate the amount per year, per half year, per quarter or per month.

That way you can easily arrange it

Download the donation and authorization form from the tax authorities site, fill it in and send it to: 
Stichting World Wide Animal Rescue
Antwoordnummer 51013

This is only possible in Dutch.

Required data

Incassant ID nummer: NL14ZZZ180765480000
Adres: Stichting World Wide Animal Rescue. Postbus 359, 3500 AJ  UTRECHT


Why donate periodically

Periodic donation is actually supporting in the longer term. If you think that the long-term campaigns should also receive structural support? Then periodical donation may be a form of help that appeals to you!

It is very important, because this ensures the continuity of our actions!


Do you have a question or do you want to know more about the possibilities of a periodic donation to WWAR? Please fill out the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you, on behalf of the animals in need