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Nalaten voor dieren in nood.

Laat zien dat jij WWAR - World Wide Animal Rescue steunt! Sluit je aan bij onze Facebook Group! Hoe groter de groep, des te bekender we zullen worden en uiteindelijk nog meer hulp kunnen bieden aan de dieren. Attendeer ook de dierenvrienden in jouw omgeving op ons werk en op onze Facebook Group. Stuur de link door! Dank je wel.

Protect the fin whale! Oproep van ThePetitionSite – teken de petitie alsjeblieft

It takes a long time to kill a whale at sea. Unlike many forms of hunting, which are bad enough, death from a whaling ship is excruciating and long-lasting. We know whales are intelligent enough to have relationships and sing songs--so why do we insist on putting them through this suffering?

Speak out to protect the fin whale today.

The fin whale is the second largest animal in the world; only the blue whale is bigger. It is also one of the most endangered whales. Numbers never recovered from the commercial hunting of the 19th and 20th centuries and today there are only about 50,000 left.

One country still kills large numbers of these great whales: Iceland. Last year, the fin whale hunt was called off. This year, the Icelandic government is determined that the brutal slaughter of fin whales will resume.

The hunt is not just cruel--it is also unsustainable.
You can make your voice heard to stop the brutality to fin whales. Tell Iceland not to resume the fin whale hunt!

Thanks for taking action!

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